Meet the squad...


Captain Clean

Real name: Clifford Cane
Role: The Leader
Weapon(s): Multi-functional toilet brush

When Captain Clean’s niece died of a bacteria related illness, he was convinced that general poor hygiene standards in his city was the cause, and set out to clean up the streets of Filtham… literally.

He began standing up against those who tried to make the city dirty and fighting hygiene related crime, covering his face in toilet roll to conceal his identity.

His vigilante ways soon caught the attention of the authorities. Since he was doing such a good job (and it made their work a lot easier) the government decided to fund his operations and set up the Sanitary Squad.

Now, the Captain leads his group of heroes in a cleaning crusade against even bigger and dirtier threats.


Real name: Jean Wilkes
Role: Technical genius
Weapon(s): Spray bottles

A mother of two and a wife of one, HyJean is the brains behind the whole operation.

After completing a masters in chemical science and engineering, she was recruited to the Squad to develop technology and weaponry. She invented Faucet's water gauntlets and developed Sgt. Suds' soap gun.

The only one competent with technology, she also mans the computers, conducting research and surveillance. She also built the AI computer M.O.P., the squad's 'Mechanical Office Pet'.

Whilst working with the team, Cap trained her up to also become a fighter, so now she has an impressive set of all round skills.



Real name: Nelson Gush
Role: The only hero with actual powers
Weapon(s): Water Jet Powers

After being exposed to chemical experiments, Nelson developed an ability to produce water at an alarming rate. With help from HyJean, he was able to control his power and turn it into a weapon.

Now a valued member of the team, Faucet is the cool, no-nonsense hero that you can always rely on. Whether it’s delivering water based puns or cooking a mean stir fry, he’s got your back.

He's also quite the ladies man, charming them with his American accent and mediocre good looks.

Sgt. Suds

Real name: Mick Goldman
Role: The Muscle
Weapon(s): Soap Gun

Mick Goldman had always wanted to join the army. He longed for a life of discipline and fighting the good war. When the time finally came, there was a mistake on his application and he ended up being enrolled as the cleaner at the training camp. Still, he took his role seriously and made the camp the cleanest in the country, winning several awards for his efforts.

He was well respected among his fellow men and they nicknamed him Sgt. Suds, a name which stuck. After 7 years, he left the army life and was quickly recruited to the squad. His wife Mary also joined as an admin assistant.

As one of the strongest members of the team, he's very much the muscles of the group and one of the few people who can keep the captain under wraps.


The Flush

Real name: Will Armitage
Role: Part-Time Hero
Weapon(s): Extendable toilet chain whip

The youngest member of the Squad, The Flush has a boundless energy and a wit as powerful as any weapon. That’s not to say he doesn’t carry weapons though. His tool of choice is an extendable toilet chain whip.

The Flush is sometimes not seen during the Squad’s adventures, as he is the only hero to also hold down a part time job. Although his loyalty to the Squad is unfailingly strong, he also works as a salesman at a local furniture store.

There’s still lots we don’t know about The Flush and his private life. He is a secretive man. Don’t let that blonde hair fool you for example, it’s actually a wig!